Body Piercing and Its Health-Related Benefits

Body Piercing and Its Health BenefitsIt appears that more and more people are welcoming Body Piercing. Not only it could improve one's personal style, but there could be health benefits too.
Navel, ear, nipple, lip and nose piercing are some of the common piercing style many want. As surprising as it may sound, different studies state the Body Piercing and Its Health-Related Benefits.

Belly Button Piercing

In some cultures, this type of piercing acts as a gatekeeper. It holds positive energy inside the body and prevents negative energy from entering. Hindus believe that it enhances the function of solar plexus. Solar plexus control organs like kidneys and emotion like self-esteem.

Ear Piercing

This is more accepted compared to the other types. When worn with the right and charming earrings, your appearance can look appealing. This is also popular among men and women of different ages. To activate the fast development of the brain, it is a belief that you should pierce children's ears at the age of 3 or 4. The earlier, the better the result. Why? Passing through the earlobes are the nerves connecting the brain. Another one is it will help in curing back pains when you pierce the area one inch about the earring. Piercing the earlobes aids in increasing the quality of hearing and eyesight. Based on studies, if this is done at the early stage, impairments can be lessened to a greater extent. Most especially those impairments related to throat, eyes, tongue and ears.

Nipple Piercing

It might sound bizarre but there's such a thing called that. In fact, there was a time that it became famous among men and women. It plays a vital role in keeping young-looking skin by slowing down the aging signs. It also increases sexual sensation by wearing nipple piercing accessory. According to women, sensations are intense after piercing. Unlike the others, both sexes prefer this because it is easier to conceal it. You can still have it even in places where it is not allowed.

Lip Piercing

This trend is more of showing your rebel side, independence and self-expression. Compared to the other type of piercing, lip piercing heals much faster. It also has an important role in sensual feeling while having oral sex.

Nose Piercing

Like lip piercing, it also heals faster compared to the other types of piercing. Is not that prone to getting and infection and it gets healed properly too. When it comes to menstrual periods, a study states that it reduces the pain experienced by women. How? By piercing the nose around the specific node on the nostril. It also helps to know that placing Nose Stud Rings in the left nostril helps in easing child birth. Why? The female reproductive organs and the nerves from the left nostril are connected.
These might sound hard to believe but some studies have already been done about these subjects. Although it may do you good, this does not mean you have to do it without even gathering details about it. You still have to consider the pros and cons before doing these kinds of piercing. Do your research. Make sure to consult a professional to ensure that you are in safe hands and won't contract any disease.
As a conclusion, Body Piercing and Its Health-Related Benefits may have many that you may enjoy. But do not forget that consequences may occur if not done in the right way.

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