Psychology of Body Piercing

Psychology of Body PiercingThere are a lot of ways to express yourself and there may be various reasons why you want to do it. Some might be into art, music, writing, or fashion, and so on. Others want to try something different and choose Body Piercing for self-expression that you can explain as Psychology of Body Piercing.

Body Piercing has been around for Quite a Long Time Now

In the modern period, it has become more widespread among men and women. It has also been a favorite by teens in particular. Many people will agree that they use Body Piercing as a form of self-expression or adornment. Like tattoos, Body Piercing is also not for everyone. You might want to ask yourself first why you want one.
Although society accepts it, there will be instances that you might get judged. Ear piercing is what is common for women in particular. Wearing jewelry earrings can make them look fancier or can complete an outfit. That is the typical way of accessorizing with earrings.
But some people are more adventurous than the others. They might want to step outside their comfort zone and try something different. Either they're already bold, or they want to look fierce to hide their weak spots. While others may want to explore and know or exceed their limit.

Peer Pressure might also be One Factor

Your friends might be pushing you to do it because they all have it or will do it. You, who do not want to be an loser, might be forced to do so. Others do it because they want acceptance and become a part of a specific group. While others do not want to feel excluded. Sexual behaviors can also be a reason for getting pierced. Partners of the opposite sex may want it because it satisfies them.
Remember how women adore makeup because it makes them feel good and confident. The same idea applies with Body Piercing. Others may want to show off their best features. Like wanting to highlight their big hoop earrings with few little stud earrings in one ear or both. Others may have Nose Stud Rings because they think it looks cool in them that way. For men, they might display one earring, or they may have eyebrow piercing because that is their style.

Preference about how People will style it

Being rebellious, wild, and free are common perception to people with piercings. They think that those people are strong, very out there and independent. Because they have the courage to bear the pain. For those who have it, they may find it attractive and sexy.
Some may agree that after they first get their body pierced, they would want a second one. It can also turn into addiction for others. Not only piercing their ears but on other sensitive parts of the body like genitalia. Others have their body parts pierced many times looking very bizarre. In some cases, they even undergo surgery to implant fake horns. Some mutilate themselves that it will be hard to recognize them. And in the back of your mind, you might think that, that kind of person might be a scary freak.
To conclude everything, it is you who have to decide what to do on your body. If you have decided it for yourself to improve your looks, then good for you. You will more likely enjoy it rather than regret it in the end. Whether you do it for adornment and self-expression, it is your choice, just please don't go crazy with it.

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